Super Heavy Weight Gainer

Gain mass with Super Heavyweight Gainer—only from Champion Performance. With an insane 820 weight-stacking calories per serving, it is simply impossible to rival the gain of Super heavyweight Gainer by food intake alone. Super Heavyweight gainer bulks you up fast—without the bloat.

  • ✓Ultimate Calories
  • ✓Unbelievable Mass
  • ✓Nutrition
  • ✓54g Protein per 4 scoop serving
  • ✓24.9g EAA’s
  • ✓820 Calories
  • ✓Item UPC: 027692 12080 9
  • Ultimate Calories: 820 Calories per serving
  • Unbelievable Mass: 54grams of protein in every serving
  • Nutrition: Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates for superior training.